ICKEwiki was created in a 2 year research project in coorperation the Fraunhofer societies IFF Magdeburg and ISST Berlin and the University of Technology and Commerce Berlin (HTW). It is based on DokuWiki and was created and tested in close cooperation with three pilot companies.

It's most prominent feature is the ability to model, link and automatically aggregate business structures and processes.

Besides providing a technical solution, a well defined process to introduce the wiki in a enterprise was devised. This process ensures a successful rollout with avoiding common pitfalls.

ICKE Template


The following plugins are exclusively available for ICKWwiki, but can also be used in a DokuWiki- system.

Folgende plugins sind exklusiv für ICKEWiki verfügbar, können aber auch in einem DokuWiki- System eingesetzt werden.

(all links refer to the ICKEwiki documentation)